So, this is the part where I’m supposed to dazzle you with all the poetic reasons I’m a photographer. Like how I marvel at the romance between light and shadow and the golden moment a sunset becomes magic . . . or how my artistic eye captures uncontrived heartfelt moments of families, kids, pets, and of course, the essence of love between couples. That’s all endlessly inspiring, right?  

But great photography requires more than my list of reasons. At its core, photography is about who is in front of the lens. That’s why my “about me” is just as much about you. I love listening to and collaborating with my clients. It’s not just a preference; it’s essential. And you know what? It’s way more fun. I'm deeply committed to delivering what you want—immortalizing a beautiful moment that has meaning and significance. It’s gratifying when people let their guards down and entrust me with capturing the best reflection of themselves. This is something I don’t take lightly in photography or in "real life." When we are ourselves, pictures turn out better. The result feels more genuine, at ease, and captivating. But I can't just start by telling you to "be yourself." Instead, let me go first. 

As a child, I was certain I wanted to be an actor. When I was 13, my family moved from a tiny town in upstate New York to warm, sunny Newport Beach, California. After only a few acting classes in Los Angeles, I got my first “big break” on the soap opera General Hospital. Unfortunately, my character was short-lived. Literally, I died in the operating room in a drama that lasted a single episode. I received both chuckles and accolades back home. That bittersweet experience was sufficient motivation to keep me going, so I pursued acting and eventually found my niche in the theater. After majoring in acting, I headed to NYC to follow my dream, yet all the while, I had also been taking photography courses. Upon reflection, my experience in theater and acting was preparing me to be a better photographer. Eventually, the passion that paid the rent won—so here I am, 20 years in as a professional photographer, and I'm happy with the way THIS role is playing out.

Although the camera is my main focus, I also love working with canines. (Yes, I am a dog trainer in my spare time.) I enjoy mountain biking, tennis, chess, reading, watching movies, and more recently fiddling around with an electric guitar . . . My wife and friends often refer to me as a Renaissance Man. We'll assume that’s a compliment. 

But let’s get back to talking about us. As in life, each shoot and every moment is an adventure. The unexpected is expected, embraced, and celebrated. We'll have a plan but also go with the flow of the day, the light, the chemistry between you, and the people you love. Together we’ll create something exceptional from the extraordinary to the pricelessly ordinary . . . And who knows, we could even become friends along the way.