Jonathan David Photography | About

I don't think I ever "intended" to be a professional photographer, let alone one living and working in Nashville (My roots were in both New York and California). As a kid I loved taking photos and I never lost that love. So, later as a teenager (in high school) I thought it would be fun to take a photography class each semester. I did the same thing in my college years as well even though my primary course of study was not photography, it was in performing arts. I was an actor! And like many actors starting out I needed more money than my job as a waiter was providing me to fund my zealous acting endeavors. I eventually decided to sell something of worth to support my acting career. Yes, I grudgingly sold my cameras and photography gear.

I loved acting and ironically it would inadvertently later make me a better photographer. But, making a long story short, through a series of events and personal crossroads, I came to see the pursuit of becoming a professional photographer as a more pragmatic career pursuit without having to sacrifice the same kind of fulfillment that I received from being on the stage. For me, pursuing a photography career would be a lot less like trying to win the lottery but by no means easy. I eventually saved enough money to buy all new photography equipment to begin again but this time with a greater goal in mind. I was all in.

Since my 35mm film days I have furthered my photography education and training in, of course, digital photography - as well as digital post production quite extensively. I have acquired more formal schooling and have followed various photographer icons whose expertise, success and work have inspired me and helped to direct my personal journey as a visual artist, a journey that has not yet lead me to a cul-de-sac of stagnancy. I am always growing visually and personally in amazing ways through the lens of my camera.

My experience out in the field has touched on just about every popular and less known type of photography you can imagine with my main focus over the last 10 years being wedding photography; a genre that suits my personality and skills perfectly. And, more recently, I have gained a rekindled love for the simple, technically precise and inherently in-demand, head shot. Whether it be for business executives, actors, or commercial models, there are endless ways to capture a person's personality and unspoken story simply from the shoulders up and through the eyes. 

I enjoy the company and unique characteristics of people. I find pleasure in putting them at ease and getting to know them better. I also like getting organized and planning photography events and other shoots so that they go smoothly enough for everyone to enjoy the creative aspects they bring. I relish creative diversity, spontaneity - and I love light! - the diaphanous ink that makes capturing immeasurably invaluable moments possible. I feel confident and adaptable to the fast changes and challenges that certain types of fast pace photo assignments present whether it be a wedding, a magazine or even a kid shoot. While some photographers understandably often steer clear of more fast rhythm lines of photography, I experience them as adventurous and often the best way to learn how to be creative, calm and precise while under the squeeze of time restraints. For me,  this all serves as practice that transfers usefully into my everyday life. 

It has been a long and somewhat unexpected journey getting here but that journey has made me all the more "sharp and focused" and more intimate with what I love to do. So, despite the fact that I did not originally intend to follow photography as my vocation, I did intend to follow a career path that feels less like a duty and more like an exhilarating enterprise, one in which I am inspired by others and can reciprocate that same spark through art and creativity. I believe this is what I now do when I share both a tangible and relational reflection of them through that perhaps all too well known apparatus - the camera.